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Jorja Robin Davis has facilitated recovery with clients for the past 27 years. Initially beginning as a chemical dependency counselor and graduating from one of the first programs in the state to offer certification she continued her education and currently has a Masters in Psychology and licensure as an LMFT. Jorja is also a certified EMDR therapist.

Jorja has worked in the fields of mental health as well as substance abuse and brings many areas of expertise to her practice. In 1995 Jorja won an award from the Department of Corrections for service to the community and brings with her, knowledge of criminal justice and legal issues. While researching new & relevant theories for those affected by addiction, she began studying neurochemistry and its relevance. She has developed an educational seminar for families that are affected by substance abuse and/or other addictions which was profiled by The Signal, with a focus on adolescents and impulse control.

 Jorja Davis became interested 5 years ago in utilizing hypnotherapy as a resourcing tool for EMDR. She received training  through the Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy in beginning , intermediate and advanced hypnotherapy and has continued her certification through ASCH. ( The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) . Jorja also completed an initial training focusing on “clean language” through the estate of David Grove whom was an authority of the facilitation of trauma treatment using hypnosis to reveal coded messages in the psyche . Since that time Jorja has found applications for the use of hypnosis in treating not only trauma but as a primary tool in treating addictions , anxiety and facilitating relief of chronic pain .


P.I.T stands for Post Induction Therapy which was developed by Pia Melody to facilitate healing for developmental trauma . Jorja completed the initial P.I.T training with Ms. Melody and looks forward to gaining more knowledge through the advanced P.I.T. training  in 2015 . 

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After years of working with both families and individuals suffering with addiction, alcoholism and many other process disorders, I've found many books that have helped them along their paths. Check out my selected reading list here, which I've referred to others and would certainly recommend. Click here

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