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Mourning the Morning After – The Oscars and Addiction

Put aside the most unintentional moment of suspense and confusion in the history of the Academy Awards, and consider this iconic shot of Faye Dunaway the morning after her win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, in 1977, where, sitting poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel – with a makeshift floor mat of newspapers, their

Rejection is God’s Protection

Rejection is an addict’s great fear. It removes all semblance of structure – it dismantles the emotional scaffolding that safeguards a person’s soul – banishing that man or woman to the temptations of drugs and alcohol; abandoning that individual to a long night of drunkenness, and an even longer descent into near-constant intoxication; poisoning that

The Keys to the Kingdom

Imagine a childhood of schoolyard taunts and classroom tirades, where you feel miserable because others mock you for looking miserable; where you are an outcast, physically and academically; where your classmates torment you for being fat, and your teachers traumatize you for being dumb, when in fact you are none of those things. Imagine the

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After years of working with both families and individuals suffering with addiction, alcoholism and many other process disorders, I've found many books that have helped them along their paths. Check out my selected reading list here, which I've referred to others and would certainly recommend. Click here

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